Gur wali Nan Khatai


Eggless Jaggery Shortbread Nan khatai or Indian version of shortbread is very popular. I vividly remember street hawkers in sawan(monsoon) season in Benaras at the melas(fairs). I used to always insist my father to buy us those nan khatai being baked fresh over wood charcoal. The debate on weather fat is good or bad. Well it is actually carbs which …


Dal Sagpaita (mixed lentil dal with spinach)


Banarasi dal sagpaita – East Indian Village recipe Dal Sagpaita is very popular across India and especially in the states of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar. Traditionally dal sagpaita has many variations i.e. you can use any mixed lentil you prefer. Arhar, moong, chana, urad dal can be used. Also the green leaves i.e. saag can be palak (spinach), bathua (Chenopodium album), …


Colocasia leaves fritters-(Arbi patta pakora)


Colocasia leaves fritters-(Arbi patta pakora) Monsoons are always welcome change from scorching hot North India summers and the season brings amazing greenery, tea time and off course hot pakodas. Colocasia fritters or arbi patta pakora recipe is a seasonal fritters prepared during monsoon time i.e. July and August period as the main ingredient is colocasia leaves which grows during this …


Egg wrap recipe


Egg wrap recipe is a wholesome breakfast recipe. Its gaining popularity even in India wherein international fast food chains have brought the concept of wrap to our country. Wraps are healthier option than other fast food options available. My egg wrap recipe is prepared to ensure a balance of essential nutrients while enhancing the taste in every bite you take. …


Choco Vanilla Marble Cake


Choco Vanilla Marble Cake What to do when both your kids want different cakes? Well I was put in this tricky situation – my daughter wanted me to bake sponge cake and my son wanted chocolate one. I said kid’s let me bake just one cake and both of you can have your flavor! I smiled and said thanks to …