Avocado fruits & pistachio salad


Avocado fruits & pistachio salad Salad ideas – How to make a quick & healthy avocado fruit salad Salad days are always a welcome change from fried heavy meals we enjoy and I have always believed salads should always be interesting having multiple flours, textures and give that fresh from the farm feeling. This avocado fruits & pistachio salad recipe …

Fruit cream recipe


Fruit cream recipe Fruit cream recipe is very popular because of its freshness and balanced sweet taste which is just perfect dessert after a lavish dinner.   Secret to the best fruit cream recipe are the choice of fruits, fresh cream and a balanced sugar powder the fruit cream recipe.   Basic Information   Prep Time: 15 min Cook Time: …

Fruit Salad – Olive and Zucchini

fruit salad with olive

Fruit Salad – Olive and Zucchini Fruit Salad – Kid’s favourite Fruit salad with Olive and Zucchini is specially created for kids who are very choosy. They like some and they hate some food items. It’s same in case of fruit salad too. The best way to ensure kids consume balanced diet, the best way is to camouflage these naaaaa… …