Banarasi Indian Thali


Banarasi Indian Thali

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Banarasi thali recipe

It was usual lazy morning after Diwali night and with nothing much to do. I look out of my apartment building and saw the haze in the sky due to fireworks from Diwali. I was hell-bent on doing nothing today! But just then my wife showed pictures of food being prepared at her parent’s home for an auspicious occasion called “Annakoot” where “chappan bhog” 56 dishes are prepared and offered to goddess.


It just kinda added fond memories of Benaras and I took my car keys and decided to go out shopping for my very special Banarasi thali. It used to be an elaborate meal served on the occasion however it was very balanced and not loaded with multiple dishes overflowing from the thali “thali is a composite and wholesome meal which is basically a combinations of various delicious dishes served on a single plate”.

Of course food is rich, but the taste is just awesome and definitely calls for afternoon nap after your delicious banarasi thali and banarasi paan for final touch!

Basic Information

Prep Time: 120 min

Cooking time: 120 min

Total Time: 240 min

Spice Meter: Medium


Dishes on my Banarasi thali recipe

  • Urad daal ki kachori (Deep fried flat bread stuffed with split black gram lentil)
  • Hari Bhari Poori (Deep fried bread prepared with whole wheat and spinach fresh dough)
  • Steam Rice
  • Daal Saagpaita (Mix lentil prepared with Spinach, ginger & garlic)
  • Matar Paneer ki sabji (Chick pea & cottage cheese gravy)
  • Aloo ghobi sabji (Cauliflower & potato veggie)
  • Palak, baigan aur aloo ki banarsi sabji (Spinach, eggplant & potato veggie)
  • Chauritha wali pakori (Deep fried fritters in rice flour batter)
  • Amla ki chatni (gooseberry & coriander dip)
  • Imli soonth chatni (Tamarind & dry ginger dip)
  • Mooli ka salad (Radish salad)
  • Aloo papad (potato crisps)



My Banarasi thali recipe is like a typical Indian thali served in Rajasthan, Maharashtra or Gujarat states across India. However for 1 thing you need to fly down to Varanasi yeah its deep fried “aloo papad” which are handmade only in benaras. Hope you will like my very banarasi thali recipe….
Looking forward for comments, feedback, critic and any points I might have missed on this very special banarasi thali recipe!

Note: I will be adding individual recipes for all dishes shown and mentioned above in banarasi thali in my future posts

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