Balsamic shredded chicken toasties


Balsamic shredded chicken toasties served with fiery balsamic red chilies and garlicky dip

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Balsamic shredded chicken toasties


My infatuation for balsamic still persists and I decided to experiment more with this magic vinegar – Balsamic.  I decided to create a fiery snack using balsamic as one of the key ingredient and a very special recipe “Balsamic shredded chicken toasties served with fiery balsamic, red chilies & garlicky dip” evolved

Using shredded chicken dipped in balsamic ensured the every shred of chicken got coated with balsamic and this ensured every bite of the crispy toasties gave the amazing flavour.

Use of extra virgin olive oil added a moist and crispy texture to the Balsamic shredded chicken toasties.

Fiery balsamic red chilies and garlicky dip is an integral part of this snack and a rather mild tasting toasties get an amazing fiery kick to the Balsamic shredded chicken toasties!

To see the recipe for fiery balsamic red chilies and garlicky dip click here

Basic Information

Prep Time: 50 min

Baking Time: 15 min

Spice Meter: Mild

Serves: 4-5 person


Ingredients Balsamic shredded chicken toasties:

Balsamic Vinaigrette – 2 tablespoon

Boiled and shredded chicken – 100 gms


Ingredients Balsamic shredded chicken toasties

Mozzarella cheese – 100 gms

Onion Rings (cut into half) – 10 to 12 nos.

Green Capsicum/Bell pepper (cut into half) – 10 to 12 nos.

Garlic bread Loaf – 1

bread loaf

Garlic bread loaf

Mixed Italian herbs – ½ teaspoon

Olive Oil – 50 ml (for toasties)

Preparation of Balsamic shredded chicken toasties:

Boil the chicken and shred them fine. Add balsamic vinegar or vinaigrette, and mixed Italian seasoning and keep them aside

Grate the mozzarella cheese and cut onion and capsicum rings into half

Cut thick slices of garlic bread loaf.

Place 1 piece of onion and capsicum rings on toast, now spread shredded chicken and cheese over the toast.


Balsamic shredded chicken toasties ready to be baked

Finally pour ½ to 1 teaspoon of extra virgin olive oil and your toasties are ready to be baked.

Pre heat the oven to 180 degree Celsius for 10-15 mins and bake your toasties for 15 minutes.


Balsamic shredded chicken toasties recipe

Serve your Balsamic shredded chicken toasties with fiery balsamic red chilies and garlicky dip!


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