Mumbai Batata Vada Wrap


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It’s always a very satisfying experience, when after the hard work, your cooking skills are accepted by all including your kids and your recipe gets a thumb up by everyone – Mumbai Batata Vada Wrap is one such recipe I am proud of!

Whenever I create any new fusion recipe, it’s always like an examination results when you keep your fingers crossed and as my kids take first bite, their facial expression clearly shows that you passed with flying colours or it’s a clear no no….well in this case it was happy happy faces and big last…goosh…


Mumbai Batata Vada Wrap

For me and my wife, wraps have always been a win win situation while negotiating with our kids on menu option than other fast food options available. Mumbai Batata Vada and olives wrap recipe is a truly fusion recipe with Mexican Tortilla, Spanish Olives and Indian (Mumbai Vada) creating a delicious and wholesome snacking option. You can serve them in your cocktail party, kitty parties and kid’s Tiffin’s!

Basic Information

Prep Time: 5 min

Cooking Time: N/A

Total Time: N/A

Spice Meter: Medium

Serves: 4 persons


Ingredients for Mumbai Batata Vada Wrap:

Tortilla– 4 no’s

Mumbai Batata Vada – 8 nos.

Onion (sliced) – 1

Green Olives – 6 no’s

Black Olives – 6 no’s

Green Mint Dip – 4 teaspoon

Extra Virgin Olive Oil – 25 ml

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Preparation of Mumbai Batata Vada Wrap

Place the tortilla on wooden slab, put 2 Mumbai Batata Vada, onion rings, sliced black and green olives and green mint chutney, sprinkle some extra virgin Olive Oil and roll the wrap.


Preparation of Mumbai Vada Wrap recipe

Cut into 2 and serve them, with tomato ketchup or dip of your choice.


Mumbai Vada Wrap


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