Fresh Mango Juice

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Aam Ras – Mango juice

Fresh mango juice from ripe mangoes without any preservatives and crushed ice is Mother Nature’s gift to mankind.


Fresh Mango Juice

Fresh mango juice can be a very good alternate to heavy meals during peak summers, and a glass full of fresh mango juice recharges our body with right amount of pulp, fibers, sugar, vitamins and other nutrients.


Aamras is very popular in Gujarat where people enjoy aam ras with chapatti or Puri (fried flat bread)

Fresh mango juice or aamras is a very popular #summerdrinks in Indian subcontinent.

Basic Information

Prep Time: 10 min

Cook Time: NA

Spice Meter: NA

Serves: 2


Ingredients for fresh mango juice:

Ripe Mangoes: 1 kg


Ripe Mangoes

Sugar: 4 teaspoon

Crushed Ice – lots of them

Preparation Fresh Mango Juice:

1.     Wash mangoes under running water.

2.     Peel off skin and cut them into small pieces.

3.     Put the mango pieces, sugar and crushed ice in blender and blend it for 2-3 min.

4.     Add lots of ice, and serve fresh mango juice chilled.


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