Why love for Olive and Olive Oil?


Love for Olive

Although there are numerous reasons to fall in love with Olives, some really important ones are:

  1. Highest MUFA ( Mono unsaturated fatty acid) which is good fat
  2. Very high amount of antioxidants
  3. Olives and Olive Oil has medicinal properties in diseases like diabetes, heart problems, cholesterol management, cancer, gall bladder, osteoporosis and gives good protection against skin diseases.
  4. Of course glamour quotient associated with usage of olive oil
  5. Flavour enhancer
  6. For massage

I can keep on adding reasons but of course I will focus on how we can use them in our everyday food.


Love for Olive

My blog will try to demystify different types of Olives, Olive Oil and its usage in the ways we never thought of.

I will also try to bust the myths associated with Olive Oil and its usage.

I have tried to keep recipes very simple yet interesting, tasty and for all age groups be it kids, for parties or senior citizens.

The focus will be Indian fusion recipes using olive and olive oil. I have also added a very interesting section on Recipes from overnight leftovers.

Please do check my section on different types of Olives, Olive Oil and where all you can use them.