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About Author – Food Blogger and Marketer

Hi my name is Vivek Pathak,  father to 11 year old son and a very cutie 5 year daughter living in Delhi NCR. I am a strong believer in “SIMPLIFY LIFE”. I was born and brought up in holy city of Benaras and moved to Delhi in 1998.

Vivek-love for olive


A full time Marketer by profession and a part time food blogger. Of course always wanted to reverse this or maybe wait till retirement age. The word olive or olive oil just makes us feel, sense and smell healthy. Everything about this tiny green fruit is good, good and great.

I developed love for olive because of my job requirements. The more I read, discussed, shared, tasted and understood olive …..The feeling just became stronger with each passing day and eventually love happened…

Because I am an Indian by heart and by taste, I did not get many opportunities to taste this green fruit a lot. Also since my job was to create Indian way of using olive oil and olives that association just got into my subconscious mind.


Love for Olive

Gradually my son and my wife too started appreciating my love for olive. This gave me confidence to experiment a lot more with olive oil and olives. So finally love for olive came to life. I usually experimented with traditional Indian recipes using Olive Oil and Olives. Of course being a true “Banarasi” my food will have touch of Eastern UP and Bihar as I spent a lot of time with my family understanding the secrets of delicious food that my mother and aunts used to prepare at home.

I may be not perfect when it comes to writing in English but never mind cause I was not born British. No offence meant……

The entire idea of this website is to share my small twists, tales, misfortunes, fortunes, success and of course failures with my experiments with Olive and Olive Oil. I have tried to keep the copy and content very simple and for easy understanding of Billions of us around the globe and of course due to my firm belief in “SIMPLIFY LIFE”

Please do share your views, comments, suggestions and ideas on my email id:  vivek@loveforolive.com

“Vishwa ka Kalyan ho”